About us


Garbage Made or GRBG Made--is an apparel and handmade accessories company based in Long Beach California--Our line of products takes you back to a time when products were made to last or “hasta la muerte”—until death—and beyond

It began in 2013 as a Long Beach crew of artists and designers "Los Garbage", united by their passion for whisky, cheap beer, and doodling while working in skate apparel companies.

Shortly after coming together, the collective hosted an art show at Long Beach Skate, a focal point of the LB skateboarding community. Drinks were poured and music was loud, and when the smoke cleared and the hangovers faded, Los Garbage had taken on an aura of its own.

A founding member of the collective, Gunther Estrada would push the Garbage vibe and continue with the name in a different way, founding the GRBG Made brand in 2014. GRBG Made combines leather, wood, polished metal, and rock’n’roll to offer a classic line of apparel, handmade knives, wallets and accessories.  GRBG Made, built to last, quality product until death and beyond.

“¡Habla basura!”—What up, garbage?


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