DUALITY by Remo Quincot




  • GRBG - Hey Remo!
  • R- Hey
  • GRBG - Where are you from?
  • R – I was born in Lima, Peru.
  • GRBG - How long have you been tattooing?
  •  R - Already tattooing for 5 years
  •  GRBG - How did you get started?
  •  R - I've been into tattooing forever, and getting tattooed since I was 17, So I basically combined both one day, I remember my Friend Ignacio Ugarteche motivated me to first get a tattoo machine and I held it for a bit and meditated on how I wanted to go about it.
  • one day I was getting a tattoo from "Supay" and asked to borrow his machine to do one by myself and I did an alien face on my leg, which is the shittiest tattoo I have and thats how it all began.
  •  GRBG - What are your favorite tattoo artist?
  •  R - Nate Harmon and Daniel Higgs.
  •  GRBG - How about your bigger tattoo artist influences?
  •  R - Thats a hard one, I've got my influences from traditional style, but I am trying to        develop my own style while implementing the traditional aesthetics.
  •  GRBG - Last words?
  •  R - Go hug your family and friends
  •  GRBG - Chevere


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